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Author's Note: As promised, here is a sneak peek at the first chapter of TC's sequel. This is the first scene I wrote of the sequel, though it won't actually be the start of the chapter. It's unbeta-ed, for the most part, so please excuse any errors you might find. I still haven't decided on a title for the sequel, so until then I'll just keep referring to it as TC2. I hope you all enjoy.

Chapter 1: Sneak Peek
As the beeping sound registered in his mind, Harry cursed softly and rushed into his living room. He stopped in front of the large scroll stuck to the wall showing a map of the UK. His eyes immediately focused on the blinking dot in the center of the map. Burning its location into his mind, Harry quickly retrieved a bottle of Invigoration Draught, silently thanking Merlin he had had the foresight to brew a batch of it the day before. After dispelling the alarm on the map, he downed a single dose quickly and Disapparated.

It took a moment to gain his bearings after reappearing. He had spent the better part of his first few days of holiday visiting each location and determining the best place to Apparate in should the need arise. He transformed into his owl form and took to the air. As soon as he rose above the tree line he could see the house. At least he got the location right. He had spent hours reviewing his memory of each location to ensure he would not confuse them.

Harry pumped his wings to gain altitude and soared towards the already damaged house. There was no sign of the Dark Mark yet, which likely meant the Death Eaters were still inside – probably wondering where their prey disappeared to. As he circled the house, he found an open window on the second floor and swooped in. He could hear voices – at least three – shouting back and forth to each other as Harry reverted back to human form. He cast a Disillusionment charm on himself and silently made his way right in front of the open doorway. He stood stock still with one arm slightly extended and listened to the footsteps in the hallway.

A moment later, a dark robed figure stepped in front of the doorway. Without moving a muscle, Harry sent a Stunner through his outstretched hand. The Death Eater was unconscious before he had time to react to the sudden burst of red light that had materialized directly in front of him. Before the body could hit the ground, Harry caught it with a levitation charm and quickly directed it into the room. He laid the body down in the corner and bound it. He summoned the man’s wand and, not wanting to risk making a sound snapping it, simply Vanished it altogether. Keeping one eye on the open doorway, Harry spent the next few minutes erecting a temporary anti-Portkey ward over the corner of the room.

By the time he had finished the ward, the other voices were calling for Jugson, who Harry assumed was the unconscious man at his feet. Glancing out the window, he could see that two Death Eaters were making their way outside, but it sounded like there was one person left in the house calling for the last Death Eater. Making a quick decision, Harry padded out into the hallway as he heard footsteps begin to ascend the stairs.

“Jugson! Come on, we need to get out of here,” the robed figure called as he stepped onto the second floor. Harry waited until the man had taken a few more steps before striking. The Death Eater noticed the light a split second before it hit him and had just enough time to yell, “Shite!” before falling victim to the Stunner. After Summoning and Vanishing the man’s wand, Harry quickly bound and levitated him into the room and onto the other body in the corner as he heard two sets of footsteps rush into the house.

Harry made his way back into the hallway as the two began bickering back and forth over whether to look for their missing companions or leave them behind. Not wanting to let them get away, Harry quickened his stride. At the top of the stairs, he could see them standing in the foyer looking up the stairs. One of them must have caught some ripple of movement for he aimed his wand directly at Harry and yelled, “Avada Kedavra!”

Harry ducked and rolled out of the way of the green light as it hit the wall behind him and caused splintered wood and debris to explode outward. He could not see them from his position on the ground as one asked, “Did you get him?”

“What do you think?” the other asked bitingly. “Do walls usually explode when you hit a person?”

Clearly these were not the most experienced Death Eaters in Voldemort’s ranks. Harry jumped back onto his feet and began raining spells on the two of them. Both Death Eaters went on the defensive as they shielded themselves from Harry’s attack. Seeing that this strategy would not grant him anything but a stalemate, Harry leapt over the banister and transformed into his panther form. He landed on the stairs and with a lunge tackled one of the Death Eaters into the wall.

Reverting back to human form, Harry quickly fired a Stunner at the still-standing Death Eater who was too shocked to even attempt to block it. He fired another Stunner at the one he had tackled as well, though the man was likely unconscious already from the impact. Levitating both bodies up the stairs, he deposited them in the same warded corner as the others. After making a quick sweep through the house to ensure no others were left behind, Harry exited the house through the opening where there once stood a front door.

Just as he stepped outside, a small pop sounded, and Harry looked over to see Albus Dumbledore had appeared a mere fifteen meters away. His eyes widened at seeing Harry there, and Harry was surprised at the sudden ache that developed at the sight of his former mentor. He had not allowed himself to dwell on the manner in which they had parted and knew now was not the time to do so. “There are four of them bound and unconscious upstairs.” That was all Harry said before Apparating back to his house. He had a feeling this was going to be a long summer.

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